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The tactics you should use to build links for an e-commerce brand

eCommerce SEOLink building is a rewarding aspect of SEO when you know how to implement it. You should come up with outreach techniques as well as content strategies to increase the visibility of both your site and the landing pages. Below are some useful link building tactics that you can use for the success of your online business.

The use of video marketing

You can bring the product of your business to life by using video content that is more engaging. Make use of instructional videos or narratives to interact with potential clients. Video marketing is an avenue that allows you to come up with diverse content types as you target the audience. Feel free to educate them through how-to tutorials or use slapstick comedy to entertain them.

You should build links that engage customers as you aim at attracting others. You can also use YouTube to host your video content as you check the Analytics to confirm the people who embed it. This opens opportunities for your outreach to bloggers.

Promote extreme products

You can also build links through leveraging extreme products. This can appeal to a large audience and help you create brand awareness. You can get large traffic on your site through building links around extreme products. It can also increase the interaction across different social channels.

Come up with a feature that can help you share products

Getty image’s embed is a link building campaign that you can use to share your products on social media to potential customers. It increases the chances of scaling and helps you drive traffic to your website. The campaign makes it easy for your link to be distributed to different networks generating more sales and traffic.

Give samples to influential bloggers

Identify influential bloggers in your niche and provide them with product samples. This can help you get more engagement and drive traffic to other sites. It also helps you secure coverage and builds links to your site. You can get influential bloggers through researching your competitors to find out which websites review their products.

Make use of software like Ahrefs to find out which bloggers link back to fellow competitors. Alternatively, type the “name of product + review” and then search it on google.  Find out the domain authority of the blog of the influencer using mozbar chrome extension. High domain authority is beneficial when it comes to securing inbound links.

Come up with a compelling blog

A compelling blog helps you build links fast. You should include content that is of high quality which can easily drive authoritative links. It should also make the audience eager to click on the precise product pages.

Ensure that you include impressive photography and other posts giving advice and educating the audience. You can also add a post showing behind the scenes to interest the audience and engage them. This strategy helps you get high-quality links to build back to your site. You can direct your readers to commercial pages by adding posts that are directly related to some of your products.

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