Link building

Things to know when you are working with a link building agency

Link buildingAre you thinking of outsourcing an SEO agency to improve your company? This is a good strategy which can work if you get the right link building agency. You need to be cautious in hiring one because the wrong agency can give you problems. How can you evaluate a linking building agency to determine if they will be beneficial to your company? Before you hire one, consider the following factors:


You should first identify why you need a link building agency. The goals of the company should guide you when choosing this agency. You should know why you need to gain links in the first place. Assess your company to determine if you have some of the expertise to build links so that you know if you need to hire an agency or not.


There are all kinds of agencies out there who can help you with the process. You should, however, aim at getting one that is right for your company. Agencies are different in the tactics and strategies they use to build links. They also target different pages. You should vet a potential partner by focusing on aspects such as:


You need a link building agency that can be honest with you. An honest company cannot offer so many links and high rankings within a short time. They should give you real solutions as they evaluate the goals of your company.


The link building agency you choose should also be open in their way of doing things. They should not hide the strategies that they use to build links. The process should be clear to you as they show you the tactics they use as well as the results.


You also do not want a link building agency that is not available when you need them the most. They should continue responding to you and being available even after the signing of the contract. You will probably have questions, and their availability can help you address the company’s concerns.

The agency’s message

Every company has its values, and the agency you choose should have a message that reflects those values. You can find out this by researching through their website to learn more about their proposition.

Know what to ask

The right questions can help you select the best link building agency to work with. For instance, you can ask them about their level of experience in the field, the tactics they use when securing links, the tools they implement and their way of monitoring results. You should also be eager to know when to expect results as well as how they can represent your brand online.

They should also elaborate on how they get link opportunities as well as how they assess potential linking sites. All these questions can help you determine how effective the agency will be as you make your partnership with them.


After choosing the link building agency, you should also ensure that you keep clear lines of communication with them. Check if they are helping you achieve your goals through their reports. You should also watch out for warning signs such as making excuses and missing meetings regularly.